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  • Bulk SMS service is the ideal solution to simultaneously communicate with a large group of audience, for e.g. customers, employees or channel members. This mode of communication is the best to pass important messages like promotion, launches etc.

    Suppose you are a computer retailer who, as part of a discount offer, sends promotional SMS to potential customers offering a “Flat 20% discount on all computers”. If some of the recipients have planned to buy new computer then chances of them approaching your shop are the highest, as SMS Marketing has the power to make the customers feel more related and personalized compared to other advertising media. Even if the customer has no plans to buy a computer at present, in future he will definitely come to your shop as your message remains in his mobile until he deletes it.

    How It Suits You

    • For new product launches
    • New scheme promotions
    • Employee engagement
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Sales lead generation

    How It Benefits You

    • Tailor-made messaging application
    • Secured access within infrastructure
    • Advanced delivery mechanism (scheduling, retry SMS etc.)
    • Multiple interface support – SMPP, FTP, simple/ web, HTTP, file upload and group message.
    • Sender ID masking
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  • We recognize that nearly every organization that utilizes email as a form of communication occasionally, if not often, needs to email to a large group of people at once.� In the past, this was as simple as putting all of the recipient addresses in your email program and sending the message.� Due to laws and rules that have been put into place to protect email consumers, it has become necessary to use new methods for sending mass or bulk email.�

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  •  Website is nothing but a place whichdelivers information to many clients which connected with it. This place is called web server indicate a single domain where the data actually located. Generally this is called URL (Universal resource locator) of that web server. User sends a request toaccess data item through the web protocol i.e. HTTP. The web server gives the response to the client, this response contain the data in form of markup. This response is called web page. This webpage created from any markup language like HTML, which holds the contents like text, images, animation, links , audio, video etc. so one line definition a website as " A website is collection of Webpages which deliver information to the client from the web server over.

    1. Static website: - Static website contain fixed number of pages and format of web page is fixed whichdelivers information to the client. There is 110 change in contents of web page while page is running on client\\\'s browser. This kind of web sites created from HTML and CSS coding on simple text editor like notepad. Example an organization site, institute site etc.


    2. Dynamic website: - Dynamic website can change the web page contents dynamically while the page is running on client\\\'s browser. This kind of websites use server- side programming like PHP, Asp.NET. and JSP etc. to modify page contents on run time. Dynamic websites use client side scripting for prepare dynamic design and server- side code to handle event, manage session and cookies, and storing and retrieving data from database. Example E-commerce sites, online form application, E-governance site, social networking sites etc.

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