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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is the ideal solution to simultaneously communicate with a large group of audience, for e.g. customers, employees or channel members. This mode of communication is the best to pass important messages like promotion, launches etc. Suppose you are a computer retailer who, as part of a discount offer, sends promotional SMS to potential customers offering a “Flat 20% discount on all computers”. If some of the recipients have planned to buy new computer then chances of them approaching your shop are the highest, as SMS Marketing has the power to make the customers feel more related and personalized compared to other advertising media.

Promotional SMS :-

Promotional sms are used to inform customers about the latest deals, offers, discount coupons and other advertising offers. We deliver SMS on Non DND numbers through an easy to use platform. Promotional Messages can be delivered only between 9 AM - 9 PM slot. Customers can select the time frame preference to receive promotional sms. Sender ID is approved by operator at DLT. The ID consists of any 6 alphabetic characters.

Transactional SMS :-

Transactional SMS is used to send OTPs, meetings and other's information about your School and college's, order notification, and other informational details We use advanced filters to send SMS on DND and Non DND routes Transactional sms can be quickly sent with no time restrictions. Based on TRAI guidelines transactional sms route comes under banks. The banks will use transactional routes to deliver OTP on the user’s mobile. Sender ID is approved by operator at DLT. The ID consists of any 6 alphabetic characters.

Voice SMS :-

Voice SMS or SMS to voice is a recorded message sent to your customers via an automated call. In a voice SMS, you type an SMS, which is later converted into a voice note using the text-to-speech converter. Also, some SMS providers even allow you to record your voice as a message.